20 SEO Facts

1. SEO (Search engine optimization) is both an art and science. The presentation of SEO in terms of website design and content is an art. This art includes SEO techniques in order to produce results, and this is the  scientific aspect of SEO.

2. SEO is ever evolving and ever changing.

3. Wherever there is online content,  SEO is there or should be.

4. SEO and web site design are closely related.

5. SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are closely related and work together to produce results.

6. SEO if implemented correctly increases the visibility of a website, webpage or any content on the internet.

7. SEO and relevant links go back a long way and continue to make an impact.

8. Anchor tags are still very relevant for SEO.

9. SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) form a major part of online marketing strategy.

10. PPC helps in testing out the potential of relevant keywords. SEO uses PPC results to optimize web pages.

11. Images  can be optimized with SEO.

12. Videos can be optimized with SEO.

13. SEO makes a web site user friendly.

14. SEO and online PR (Public relations) work together to increase visibility.

15. SEO starts with the inception of a site and continues to help in enhancing the website’s presence on the internet till the website is in existence.

16. SEO is used by all, some use it consciously and some unconsciously.

17. SEO is a continuous process.

18. SEO is even more relevant today.

19. SEO starts with Search but ends with Visibility.

20. SEO is a process by which a webmaster establishes the visibility, credibility, and longevity of a web site or any content in the World Wide Web.

About Ranjana Jha

The internet has been a great source of interest to me. I have been involved with website promotions and SEO since the late 90s. Those days SEO was not as well-known or wasn't really the top priority for most businesses. The whole SEO concept was still at its nascent stage. It is interesting how SEO has evolved over the past decade. My objective of setting up this website is to share my experiences and help your business attain a higher visibility on the internet.
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