SEO Best Practices 2017

SEO best practices 2017; What are the key areas to focus upon in 2017?

The SEO best practices in 2017 will continue to focus on optimizing web pages for faster, relevant, timely, and interactive search resultsBefore going into the SEO best practices for 2017, let us take a look at the SEO best practices for 2016. The key areas that I had talked about for 2016 were:

1. Unique Content

2. Links

3. Interactive search results & RankBrain

Are the SEO best practices for 2017 going to be very different from 2016?

Not really that different, in fact, the last year’s trend will continue, with more focus on mobile search optimization and some more areas as mentioned-below:

1. Mobile search optimization and AMP

2. High Quality and Unique Content

3. Google Rank Brain and Interactive search results

4. Social media optimization (with video optimization leading the list), sharing, and increasing engagement

5. Links (Incoming and outgoing)

6. Website design and navigation

7. Moving towards Https

8. SEO on page and off page optimization

However, some things do not change, and the most critical and core fundamentals of SEO best practices will continue to be:

1. Attract: By optimizing headlines, titles, meta descriptions, and content (by using long tail keywords).

2. Retain and Engage: By creating engaging content, attractive and user friendly design, and navigation.

3. Convert: The best measure of SEO is when organic visitors get converted into paying customers.

I look forward to hearing from you; please share your thoughts on SEO best practices for 2017. I wish you a very happy and engaging new 2017!

Happy new year 2017-SEO best practices


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