Long tailed keywords

Long tailed keywords; What are they?

To put it simply, long tailed keywords are keywords that are more descriptive. This means, they are very specific.

Let’s just say you are looking for a driving school near your locality. If you simply type in “driving school” in any of the search engines, you will get a whole lot of sites that are relevant to deriving schools but may not be relevant for you since you are looking for a driving school near your locality.

More and more searchers are realizing the value of typing in keywords that are more descriptive i.e. long tailed keywords. So in the above-mentioned example, it could be something like “driving schools near <location>. These keywords will indicate to the search engines what the searcher is searching for, the search engines will then fetch web pages that are relevant to the search terms used for searching.

From the SEO perspective, it is a good idea to use long tailed keywords when optimizing your web pages. Not only will you find visitors who are interested, the chances of conversions are very high indeed! Long tailed keywords usually do not have as much competition as keywords that are more generic, so your site will have a fair chance of ranking as well.

More and more searchers type in exactly what they are looking for. Almost all the searchers have little patience to sift through many sites since many of them search from their mobile phone and they want to get the information as fast as possible.

If your web site SEO strategy does not consider long tailed keywords, you might be missing out on precious traffic.

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