Thinga; The new search engine for kids

Here is the perfect “Thing”a to start the New Year with!

Thinga” a new kid-friendly search engine has been recently launched to cater to elementary school children. It is special because of the safe and child-friendly content that this search engine delivers through its fun, and friendly search interface.

The search results have been validated by the team at Thinga so that parents can be assured that their kids are viewing content suitable for them, and for kids it is indeed a great way to discover a thing or two!

At “Thinga” they call this search engine “a discovery tool for kids”. Nice!

Kid-friendly search engine

The source of the search results are from their own library and from privacy focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo. There aren’t any external links unless it is embedded in a video, and the paid ads (the content is safe for kids) can be easily turned off.
The content is organized in specific categories such as, Animals, Learn, Entertainment, etc Thinga also covers children’s events


All you have to do is register (they have a free registration option) and verify, and you are good to go. By registering you will have a default access to their magazines for children….the latest one is on Japan.

This is kind of “Thing”a I like…three cheers to the “Thinga” team for creating this much required search engine.

And from the SEO perspective, if you provide products (books, games, etc.,…) that cater to elementary school children, ensure that you are optimized and indexed by DuckDuckgo🙂

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