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Optimize your online presence; SEO tips

With voice search coming in a big way, how do we optimize our online presence so that we can keep up with the changing times. This post provides helpful SEO tips on how to optimize your online presence.

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8 SEO myths

Some SEO myths have over time become SEO facts. They are now so ingrained in our systems that some Internet marketers use these as thumb rules when implementing SEO.

People tend of believe these myths so much that it is difficult to make staunch believers believe otherwise.

Check out what these SEO myths are.

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5 Easy to implement SEO tips

These SEO tips will help you prepare your web site for better visibility on search engines. The tips mentioned here are easy to implement and are in tune with the SEO best practices.

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20 SEO Facts

Some Facts on SEO; My over a decade long experience and involvement with SEO tells me that:

Some SEO techniques have evolved to give way to better, more focused methods, some have got modified, which of course is expected, but in effect, it looks like SEO is here to stay and is even more relevant today than it was earlier.

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Eight steps to get SEO-wise

SEO (Search engine optimization) is not complicated, it is a method of helping your visitors find their way to your website, from among the maze of websites that exist today. As always, there is a method to this madness. Get SEO wise.

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10 SEO tips to improve Search Engine Ranking

Some SEO tips that are sure to help you improve your search Engine ranking:-

1. Have a title and description tag for each of your pages.

2. Make sure that you use relevant keywords in the title and description tag.

3. Treat each page of your website as an entry page for your visitors. Make sure there are navigation links from
every page of your site. This way visitors will not be lost. If the website is huge, it might be a good idea to have breadcrumb links.

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10 Tips to optimize/enhance your website for users and search engines

1. Get your website user ready. Try to make it easy for the users to access information.

2. It will be very helpful for visitors if a simple Navigation is followed. If you are using images for your navigation, it might be helpful to have corresponding textual navigation.That way even if your images do not download, your textual navigation will provide the necessary guidance.

3. Consider having a newsletter. You can get visitors

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